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Hi! My name is Elspeth Domin and I am an artist based in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills.

As my artistic career began to grow and I met people through the wonderful world of art, I often encountered the phrase “I wish I was creative like you”. It dumbfounded me how many people were afraid to try their hand at creative expression, or simply felt it was something they lacked entirely. 

I encourage you to entertain the idea that the only thing that defines an artist, is the desire to create. Everything else can be learned through knowledge and experience. We are all artists!

My dream of The Makery Co was to create a warm, joyful and safe space for all to explore and nurture their inner artist. I wanted everyone to feel excited about having the opportunity to be creative instead of feeling overwhelmed or completely daunted by the experience.

From humble beginnings, I initially ran private workshops from my home studio. However these grew in popularity so quickly that I needed to expand and grow this wonderful creative business. I am so pleased to now have a permanent space in the beautiful Adelaide Hills town of Hahndorf, where my growing team of creatives help bring my workshops to life.

So come be inspired, bring your friends and family, let us guide you and help you through your doubts and let’s create wonderful things together!

Our creative workshop changes monthly. Click here to explore what's on!

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